Gr8fully Present

"I'm too happy where my feet are today to worry about the footprints behind me.  The path you take is up to you.  Make good choices, dream BIG, it is never too late"

                    - Chris Herren, professional basketball legend who struggled with heroin addiction and now shares his story around the country and in films such as Unguarded and The First Day: A Focus on the beginning


"When it comes to speaking about addiction, the focus often times is about the worst day.  We need to focus on how this begins rather than how it ends.  Prevention starts on The First Day."  
So what do we do?
In this space we hope to educate families about the issue and then help them find ways to be gr8fully present in our fast-paced world.
Below we: 
Share National and Local Resources; 
Connect you with local events; and hope to
Inspire you with ideas and solutions from parents.
A collaborative project of the North Coastal Council of PTAs

Made possible by a generous grant from the Mental Health Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation

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