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Local Resources

What is 211 San Diego?

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days each year, 211 San Diego is the region’s trusted source for access to community, health, social, and disaster services. By simply dialing 211 the call is free, confidential and available in more than 200 languages. 211 provides access to 6,000+ services, resources and programs through our online database.

What is Natural High?

Natural High is a drug prevention nonprofit that inspires and empowers youth to
find their natural high and develop the skills and courage to live life well.

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THC and Nicotine test kits

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Betty Ford Center

The Betty Ford Center’s addiction treatment center in San Diego brings world-renowned outpatient rehab to more people through weekday and weeknight programs. In recognizing alcohol and drug addiction as a chronic disease and recovery as a new way of living, outpatient treatment at the Betty Ford Center in San Diego is individualized and evidence-based.

Boys To Men

Our community based mentoring approach gives boys a variety of positive male role models who show up consistently, tell the truth about their struggles as men, ask the boys what kind of man they want to be, praise them for their gifts, support them when they mess up, and encourage them to become the man they want to be.

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The YouSchool

Parents want to raise their kids well. They want to do right by them, and create an environment where they can thrive and go out into the world with confidence and all they need to handle the complexities of life. Most parents, though, wonder and worry about how best to treat their kids, especially teenagers. They struggle to know how to best care, support, encourage, and develop their kids. Every kid is different. On top of that, you add the demands of school, the pressures of competitive college admissions, social media, temptations to vaping, identifying their career aspirations, financial responsibility, driving, heartbreak, and the influences of friends.  The mission of The YouSchool is to partner with school leaders, parents, and students to create roadmaps for students to build meaningful lives.

National Resources

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Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute.png

PreventEd works to reduce or prevent the harms of alcohol and other drug use through education, intervention and advocacy.  PreventEd strives to be the preeminent agency working toward a community free of alcohol and other drug addiction, misuse, and related problems.

The Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute in New Jersey is a youth leadership program on a mission to MAKE CHANGE.

A program of Partners in Prevention, our mission is to guide young people to realize their leadership potential and become empowered to create positive changes in themselves, in their schools, and in their communities.

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Herren Project was founded in 2011 by former professional basketball player, Chris Herren, with the goal of helping others navigate the road to recovery from the disease of addiction. Herren Project has since helped thousands of individuals and their families from anywhere within the United States with treatment navigation and family support services as well as brought awareness to substance use prevention.  

You and your family can participate in Wellness Week with Herren - March 7-12, 2022.


Mindfulness training can change your life: recommended by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Excellence and prescribed by the NHS, it helps you to experience less stress and anxiety, and to discover more joy and deeper sense of being in each moment. In just eight weeks, people who have learnt these simple and easy-to-follow methods describe how it gives them new zest for life and an increased courage to face whatever obstacles they come across.

Tobacco Free CA

In November 1988, California voters approved the Tobacco Tax and Health Protection Act through the passage of Proposition 99, which added a 25-cent tax to each pack of cigarettes. A portion of the tax funds the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP), the longest-running comprehensive tobacco control program in the nation.

CTCP’s mission is to improve the health of all Californians by reducing illness and premature death from the use of tobacco products.

Truth Initiative

We take on things that impact our lives and communities, and make big change in the world. While we've always been (and still are!) about exposing big tobaccos lies and manipulation, we also have something to say about another health crisis: The opioid epidemic (and, as always, the research and receipts are fueling our message.)

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