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Below we provide examples of how you can give people hope and support when they need it.
Gr8fully Hopeful box.jpg

Gr8fully Hopeful Box - inspired by the work of Find Your Anchor - this box has simple things in it to give someone hope, encouragement and kindness.  Our sample box includes a couple of thank you notes; a pen with an inspirational saying, a hand painted rock with a message of love and support and a cell phone sleeping bag.   To inquire more about a Gr8fully Hopeful box, please e-mail

Gr8ful Sundaes.jpg

Gr8ful Sundaes -

Sundays are a nice choice for family/friend night;
So we have a suggestion, use it you might.
Come together to write notes to send;
To those for whom appreciation does not end.
Whether a friend, teacher, coach or family member;
They will be gr8ful to hear from the sender.
And, as a treat for what you’ve been working toward;
Ice cream sundaes can be your reward.

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