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Welcome to 

Gr8ful Connections


The Mission of Gr8ful Connections is to build meaningful family and community connections for lasting impact.  In this space, we

SHARE relevant local and national resources and solutions;
CONNECT families and communities in person and online so they can learn and grow together;

INSPIRE each other by providing real world examples of strategies our friends and families are implementing.

Studies show that people who feel connected experience less anxiety and depression; gratitude is one way to acknowledge connection.

So, with gratitude as the cornerstone, we start by changing the way we talk about these important topics. 

Rather than having an issue with Social Media and Technology, we strive to be Gr8fully Unplugged.


Rather than addressing a Substance Abuse issue, we strive to be Gr8fully Present.

Rather than focusing on Academic Anxiety and Stress we encourage kids (and parents) to be Gr8fully Me.  

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